Continuing with construction, the picture should give a pretty good overview of the modifications for each car. Note that I chose to use backing on the 330, but was able to patch backing on the 302 as the modifications were slight.

The clerestory of the 330 also needed reworking, as the clerestory windows are approx the same length as the windows directly below them. This requires hacking out some material, and adding other material using the 0.010 styrene. Also note I added backing to the window centers in 2nd class.

Itemized 330 modifications (from left to right):
- Shortened rear window on rear deck, no stained glass above.
- 3 shortened 1st class windows with stained glass.
- Bathroom window and styrene blank to frame it. Note the sill is higher than the other windows.
- 4 2nd class windows, no joints, cut out as one unit.
- Blank where baker heater goes. Body is cut here to shorten car to correct length. Also note the styrene frame to accept the Kidder diaphrams later.

Itemized 302 modifications (from left to right):
- Body cut to adjust to length.
- Bathroom window.
- Half window (made from vestibule door).
- 8 passenger windows, unmodified.
- Blank for baker heater (where oval window was).

I opted to skin the letterboards with 0.010" styrene for smooth decal application.

If you are modeling the 105, you'll have to do your own research for placement of the windows and baggage doors. I think the 105 only had a full vestibule on one end. Again, a little research should turn up a prototype photo or two that will provide some detail on that.


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