WP Branches - Covers the following branches: San Jose, NCE, Loyalton, Reno, Marblehead (track chart never published), Delle, Ellerbeck, Dolomite, and Tooele
WP Mainline West End - Oakland, CA to Portola, CA
WP Mainline East End - Portola, CA to Salt Lake City, UT
Complete WP System - Recombined all three track charts above back into one file
Complete SN System - WP subsidiary Sacramento Northern track chart
Complete TS System - WP subsidiary Tidewater Southern track chart

CE S-16 Non-Agency Sign
Bridge and Tunnel Warning
Standard Rail Sections

1939 System Map
ICC Valuation of WP Depots (Not every WP depot is included in this particular document)
WP Joint Facilities Book
UP Abandonement Petition for the Loyalton Branch

GP40 - Bicentennial #1776
29' Gondola (Built for coil steel service) - Numbers 6401-6500
Caboose - 426 Series
Caboose - 461 Series

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