Old Main Line Subdivision
Denim Air Force Base (20 car capacity)

Clear Creek Branch
Clear Creek Consolidated Copper Mining (Open pit mine on Clear Creek Branch)

Northern Division
Silver State Oil Distribution (5 car capacity)
State of Nevada Department of Transportation (two-car spur for seasonal sand/salt shipments)
Union General Freight Distribution (2 terminals each with 2 track spurs; each track at each terminal can accommodate three to four 50 boxcars)
Haddaway Intermodal Transfer Facility (Owned by SFSW and operated by a licensed contractor. There are two unloading tracks for auto racks, each can accommodate two cars. In addition, there are three intermodal tracks - one for piggyback loading/unloading and the other two for containers and trailers (as required))

Southern Division
KLS Plastics (three car unloading track for hoppers and two car loading dock for boxcars)
Ross Brothers Cement (unloader served by a double ended siding accommodating approximately ten cars with an additional 5 car storage track)
Rayner Lumber and Building Supply (2 track spur; 2 & 3 car capacity)
Nevada Alkali (double ended siding with a 15 car capacity)
Coca-Cola Bottling Plant (two tracks - one for boxcar loading/unloading, other for tank car unloading)
--More to Come--